Company Profile

Compost Or Ltd. specializes in planning, establishing and managing waste recycling factories both in Israel and elsewhere. The owners have more than 20 years of experience in this field and this enables the company to provide the customer with the highest standard of comprehensive professional service, from the initial planning stages, through the handling of authorizations, and up to the setup and ongoing operation of the transfer station, compost factory or waste site.
The unique combination of knowledge, planning and operation of the highest standard all under one roof, provides Compost Or with extraordinary capabilities for handling projects in the field of solid waste in general and organic waste in particular.

Compost Or customers benefit from the company’s professionalism in a wide range of areas:
  • Planning and establishing open and closed compost sites, landfills and transfer stations – These types of projects include meticulous engineering and logistical planning in accordance with the clients specific requirements, handling statutory permits, professional setup supervision, specialized equipment adaption and supply, all based on the types of waste, climate and terrain conditions and providing full durable support in the ongoing operation of the project..
  • Producing quality compost – The company owns the largest compost factory in Israel and manufactures the highest quality compost for agriculture from sewage sludge. The compost is produced by using a controlled process of mixing sludge from sewage treatment facilities with crushed plant trimmings received from trimming handling contractors around the country. The compost production process takes place under stringent conditions controlled and supervised by the company agronomist and operations manager who also continuously monitor product quality. Temperature, moisture and laboratory tests are performed during the process to ensure that the final product is free of pollutants, pathogens and seeds. In addition, a sifting process takes place at the end of the process to ensure a fine, homogenous product free of any foreign substances. At the end of the process, all the sludge and trimmings are converted into high quality compost, with no wastage, and all the raw material is converted from waste into a valuable agricultural asset.
  • The supply and application of the compost in agricultural fields is supervised by the Sales Manager and the company Agronomist who are both always available to the customer. Due to the stringent production process and the use of the most modern and sophisticated machinery in the world, agronomists from all over the country highly recommend the excellent compost produced in our facility.
  • Cleaning and emptying sludge reservoirs – The state-of-the-art equipment and complex logistics used by the company to clean and empty reservoirs ensures perfect results. The sludge is loaded onto trucks and transported to the compost factory for recycling.
  • Domestic organic waste receipt - The Compost Or factory receives organic waste that has been separated at source, and uses its modern and sophisticated machinery to convert it into excellent agricultural compost.
  • Handling and cleansing contaminated soil – The Compost Or factory receives soil contaminated with organic pollutants such as fuels and oils and uses a natural biological aerobic process to decontaminate the soil. After the treatment the soil is suitable for any reuse.
  • The following are an example of the wide range of customers that have selected our company due to our high level of professionalism and overall service: local authorities, factories, corporations, public companies, farmers, investment companies and others.

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