Waste becomes a resource

And a vision to sustainability

Making waste a vital resource - we create a cleaner and greener world

Or Recycling Park – A Houses for Advanced Recycling Plants


The most advanced recycling park in Israel and a worldwide leader, in organic waste treatment, and production of innovative products.

.Park Or is a collaboration of specialized companies working synergistically

Compost Or – manufactures high quality agricultural compost and remediate contaminated soil via biological treatment,

Fertilo – manufactures high quality organic fertilization pellets,

Ecologz – manufactures biosecurity bedding for poultry farming,

Earth Biochar – manufactures biochar for agriculture and chemical adsorbant.

The park is unique in its extensive and varied activities that preserve the conservation of natural resources and quality of life on earth. We waste nothing, circular economy is at our park DNA, where every byproduct of one factory is a resource for another factory unique product.


Compost Or - Compost production

Production of agricultural high-quality compost. Our composting plant is considered to be the largest in Israel and a worldwide leader in its capacity and quality process. We produce custom-made, nutritious, compost blends using state-of-the-art technologies. The process is very meticulous until full maturation of the compost and is accompanied by quality control and laboratory tests provided to each customer.

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Handling Contaminated Soil

Bioremediation of fuel and oil contaminated soils. Our advanced biological restoration is accredited via the highest Israeli and European standards. Compost Or is the flagship in the field of fuel and oil contaminated soils restoration in Israel. We incorporate innovative technologies, to perform soil restoration with maximum efficiency, speed and quality.

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Fertilo - Organic Fertilizer Pellets

Production of densed organic fertilization pellets for increasing soil fruitfulness and as a substitute for chemical fertilizers. The use of our pellets allows a precise application for each plant and crop without wasting valuable nutrients on plant inaccessible areas. Fertilo’s pellets are slowly released, enhancing soil texture and crop growth.

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Earth Biochar - Biochar

We develop biochar soilless growing media based on a bland of pyrolyzed agricultural wood mixed with premium compost. Our soilless media has High nutrient level, good water holding capacity with fantastic drainage which makes it an excellent media for growing a large variety of crops. In addition we developed chemical adsorption biochars utilizes its high porosity and chemo-electro charged surface.

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EcoLogz – Production of biosecurity bedding

EcoLogz specializes in the production of top quality bedding materials for poultry farming, which sets a new biosecurity standard in the industry. We utilize only sustainable and renewable raw materials (agricultural and forest pruning) – to produce the most environmentally friendly bedding.

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The people who make the difference

We live and breath organic’s treatment. We bring together diverse specializations and share the commitment and love for the environment, the people and the unique mission of our park.

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One of the leading manufacturers and distributors of fertilization pellets, treated poultry manure and agricultural products.

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