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Or Recycling Park – Advanced Recycling Plant

The most advanced park in Israel and one of the leading in the world, where large recycling plants for the treatment of a variety

 of waste, fertilizer production plants for soil improvement, contaminated soil restoration plant using innovative methods,

are combined all under one roof.

The park is considered unique in Israel and around the world due to its extensive and varied activities that preserve the conservation of natural resources and quality of life on earth.

Compost production

Production of high quality compost for agriculture. In our plant which is considered to be the largest in Israel and among the leading of its kind in the world, we produce high quality custom-made compost using advanced technologies. The process is very meticulous until full maturation of the compost and is accompanied by quality control and laboratory tests provided to each customer.

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Handling Contaminated Soil

Handling of contaminated soils by fuel and oil contaminants by biological restoration through advanced means in accordance with the highest standards in the country and worldwide. Compost Or is the flagship in the field of restoration of contaminated soils incorporating leading technologies, groundbreaking innovation to perform soil restoration with maximum efficiency, speed and quality.

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Organic Fertilizer Pellets – Cuftior

Production of high quality organic pellets for fertilization, increasing soil fruitfulness and as a substitute to chemical fertilizers. The use of pellets allows a precise application for each plant and crop, the slow and controlled release of the nutrients, enhancing soil texture and crop growth.

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Biochar – Earth Biochar

Our Biochar is made using high pyrolysis temperatures from a bland of clean agricultural wood and compost. Our Biochar has High CEC and water holding capacity which makes him an excellent media for growing a large variety of agricultural crops. In addition, its high porosity structure enriched with our compost supportsa great habitat for beneficial microorganisms as well as for water retention which greatly reduce pathogen prosperity, improves roots growth, plants development, increase of crop yields and growth spurt.

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