Contaminated Soil Restoration

Contaminated Soil Restoration

Compost Or has set up in the Recycling Park Or a facility for contaminated soil remediation. The facility is part of its overall vision to be the flagship carrier in Israel with a variety of recycling solutions.

The recycling park is destined for the absorption of contaminated soil with organic pollutants (fuels and oils) and its soil is undergoing advanced biological remediation using innovative technical means of the highest standards.

The company is constantly working on developing and implementing new technologies that enable it to be at the forefront of global innovation and technology in the field restoration of contaminated soil.
The facility was established and operates in accordance with the strict requirements and guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment and the local environment authority.

The land remediation process is conducted in complete transparency and in a controlled manner, in accordance with all required safety and environmental requirements.
The facility, located in the Jordan Valley, is accessible by the main routes and to most parts of the country.

Handling Contaminated Soil – Stages of Process

Compost Or Company absorbs and restores soils exposed to organic pollutants such as oils, fuels and lubricants, and provides treatment and remediation through advanced biological process.
First, following the acceptance of the soil, we prepare them for the biological treatment stages.
Throughout the cleaning process, specially dedicated bacteria, which decompose the fuels and oils and reduce the concentration of pollutants in the soil considerably, are introduces into the soil.

At the end of the process, and after performing the appropriate tests, the soil can be returned to the environment according to regulation, thereby closing the recycling and recovery cycle.
Soil that has been a natural resource and has been contaminated by organic pollutants, is converted from being a waste and an inconvenience into a resource.


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