Better bedding for farm animals


EcoLogz is a young company that grew out of our vast experience in green waste treatment at Or Recycling Park. EcoLogz specializes in the production of top quality bedding materials for poultry farming, -which sets a new biosecurity standard in the industry.
We utilize only sustainable and renewable raw materials (agricultural and forest prunings) – to produce the most environmentally friendly bedding.
SecuriPad – a bedding that is safe to walk on!
We started producing SecuriPad with the farmer’s challenges of rising a healthy flock without the use of antibiotics in our mind.

At EcoLogz, production begins by selecting the wood directly from the forest or orchard. Our raw materials are 100% natural, clean and fresh forest or agricultural wood. We do not use raw materials that contain preservatives, adhesives or toxins often found in sawdust from industrial wood. External toxin tests by Aminolab laboratories provided our bedding organic certification. – (click here to view organic certification).
During the production process, the wood undergoes a rigorous cleaning steps, starting with coarse and gentle crushing, wood fiber softening through high thermal compression and steaming. all of these elements ensures you a soft floor covering with great insulation, especially for the first juvenile chickens days.
Maintaining a proper humidity range in the chicken coop has a critical effect on disease prevention. Due to a unique manufacturing technology – SecuriPad provides a surface area several times greater than any other sawdust. SecuriPad’s large surface area ensures high absorption and evaporation of liquids, resulting in a drier bedding and healthier chickens.


We take bio-security very seriously
Our bedding undergoes a robust thermal disinfection process. Every particle of it undergoes steam sterilization at 120 °C (248°F), then it packaged and gradual cooldown. These stages guarantee your peace of mind with SecuriPad.


EcoLogz develops tomorrow’s bedding according to the challenges you face today.
We developed SecuriPad in collaboration with poultry farmers and veterinarians defining the requirements and detailing the challenges. Our partnership continues during controlled experiments in commercial poultry houses, and our factory R&D. Improving the health and quality of life of the chicken is our measure of your success.


Circular economy – The poultry litter returns back to our park to be converted into a rich fertilizer
At the end of the growout period litter must be removed between flocks. We offer you an approved end solution by our sister company, Compost Or, to be composted by the most advanced technology in Israel. The finished compost is the raw material for Fertilo, (2nd sister company) which produce a slow-release fertilizer pellets (for Fertilo click here).


EcoLogz is fighting global warming

EcoLogz production prevents greenhouse gases emission into the atmosphere!
EcoLogz uses only orchard pruned branches (agricultural and forestry) which are a renewable raw materials. These trimmings are typically landfilled or burned to ash. By using these prunings to produce our Securipad we prevent thousands of open fires each year that release many tons of greenhouse gases into the air in addition to other toxic components such as Nitrous and sulfur oxides and microscopic respiratory particles.


How do we reduce global warming?
All of our raw materials are made from carbon dioxide absorbed during photosynthesis by the trees. Until this day, without any good solution, farmers had no option but eliminating the problem by polluting fires. EcoLogz offers the farmers a new, ecologic solution, by using their green waste for the SecuriPad production. In this process, by preventing polluting fires, we prevent the release of gases back into the atmosphere and reduce global warming.

How much gas?
A quick calculation: One kilogram of dry wood contains half kilogram of pure carbon. A full combustion of one kilogram of wood will release about 1.7 kg of carbon dioxide into the air (due to the additional weight of the two oxygen atoms). Bottom line, EcoLogz plans to produce 15,000 tons of SecuriPad per year, will hold 25,500 tons of carbon dioxide that will not burn back to the atmosphere! As an illustration, this amount of carbon dioxide is released during a 190 million kilometers ride with a Toyota Corola Sedan car!


Turkey poultry farm at Kibbutz Revadim

Broiler farm at Sde Warburg

Broiler farm at Moshav Nahalal

Turkey poultry farm at Kibbutz Givat Haim

Turkey poultry farm at Moshav Ramat Tzvi

Turkey poultry farm at Moshav Nir Oz

Turkey poultry farm at Moshav Avnei Eitan

Double K Farm – Moshav Sharona

Double K Farm – Moshav Sharona SecuryPad before spreading

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