The compost is made from domestic biomass and quality shredded wood trimmings, in a controlled process to guarantee best compost production of excellent level for agriculture and gardening

Compost Or

Our compost  production at  Compost Or  factory, is made from domestic biomass and quality shredded wood trimmings, in a controlled process to guarantee the best compost production of excellent level for agriculture and gardening.
Our team  have rich experience of over 20 years in the field of organic – recycling, enabling the company to provide the customer with a comprehensive and professional service of the highest standard.

The compost premium production process
The company’s production site is the largest in Israel and among the largest of its kind in the world.

The production of premium compost in the plant is a fully industrialized process, without human intervention and under the full supervision of the plant manager and the field agronomist.

To ensure premium compost production under optimal conditions – temperature, humidity and oxygen levels among other factors, are being measured throughout the whole composting process.

The equipment used for  premium compost production is among the most advanced in the world. In order to ensure continuous production of excellent quality premium compost clean of soil and debris. At the end of the first stage of production, samples are analyzed at an independent ‘Bactochem’ laboratory that measures the compost parameters.

Laboratory reports include data on the percentage of organic matter, nutrients (NPK), micro- elements, absence of pests, weed seeds and pathogens, are written on the packing bag marketed by the Company.

In general, with 100% full recycling and zero waste, all raw materials brought into the Compost Or plant transform into premium compost for agriculture and gardening.

Premium compost properties

All unique properties of premium compost from Compost Or have been achieved thanks to some significant advantages:

  • Low moisture content in the compost
    Our farmers get maximum organic matter in our premium compost end product . This competitive advantage saves the farmer transportation cost taking up volume and increasing the weight of the product. The site location in the center of Israel enables a considerable savings of the transportation costs for the farmer.
  • Premium compost is sifted and uniform
    Each and every stack in our state-of-the-art process, undergoes 6-8 weekly turnings in each production cycle to the point the material reach the stabilizing stage. The second stage is happening in the maturation compound until it will be ready for marketing.
  •  Salinity level is very lowThe salinity of our  premium compost we produce is the lowest of all competing composts (in the range of 2-4.5 dS/m).
  • The location of Compost Or
    The location is in a climate that is essentially dry and warm, while ensuring to being strict about the composting process and the process control, almost completely prevents the odor and insect pests that are common at other composting sites.

Our premium compost is being sampled several times monthly by a skillful certified independent  trained tester from Bactochem Laboratories.

This way we ensure that our customer will receive the highest quality premium compost. If the lab test show that the compost does not meet the professional quality standards, another test is being sent instantly and the sampling process is being tested again in the field together with the tester.


The tests that are performed on the product include:

  • Monitoring compost quality before marketing
  • Moisture content
  • Maturity carbon-nitrogen C/N ratio test indicating the state of decomposition of organic matter
  • Volatile compounds (to prevent odors)
  • Quality assurance to confirm the absence of pathogens in the final product.

The importance of using premium compost

Organic waste constitutes a significant part of the waste generated in urban and agricultural areas.
Organic waste dumping or incineration causes greenhouse gas and other pollutants emissions and throws away valuable resources. In contrast, the processing of organic waste into premium compost, with or without prior anaerobic chemical process, and its use in agriculture and gardening, allows for:

  • Reduction of pollutants emissions
  •  Reduced use of limited natural resources such as mineral fertilizers and organic matter
  •  Maintaining life-sustaining infrastructure on Earth and assisting in soil conservation such as the use of peat-moss and living trees.

Increase in germination percentage, increase in cereal crop, increased protein concentration in wheat grains, increase in plant landscape in field crops and better resistance to root diseases.

Compost Or company invests time and resources in research and development to ensure that its ustomers will receive the highest quality product with the most reasonable price.


In the long run it is particularly evident that premium compost is efficient in increasing the concentration of nutrients and microorganisms’ activity in the soil. The properties of premium compost as a biological soil enhancer also help to increase of water availability and content in soil pores for the plant. Another important effect of premium compost is to prevent erosion and increase the plant immunity to pathogens thereby increasing crop quality and quantity levels.


The results of field trails and experiments conducted by  Compost Or’s research extention show some considerable benefits using our premium compost:

  • Premium compost contributes to soil improvement
    Increasing biodiversity, improving water retention, reducing erosion and improving soil fertility.
  • Premium compost has a positive effect on agricultural crops
    The premium compost contributes essential nutrients to the plant root layer helping to increase yield of all agricultural crops by reducing soil salt effect.
  • Premium compost substitutes chemical fertilizer (up to 30% less).
    Our compost balances the nutrients concentration thanks to its concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The distinctive slow release of premium compost components allows the plant to absorb more nutrients while penetrating into the soil.
  • Premium compost contributes in several ways to wheat crop growth

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