Restoration of contaminated soil at Mekorot site

Restoring boundless soil

Environmental pollution knows no boundaries, as happened in the case of soil contamination in the area where drinking water is being pumped in the Jordan Valley.

In the drilling near the settlement of “Bardela” which is adjacent to the settlement Revaya and Tel Teomim in the Jordan Valley, the upper layer of the land in the pumping area was contaminated.

The winning bidder company LDD Ltd hired Compost Or to transport the contaminated soil load and to restore it at our advanced facilities in the Recycling Park Or.

The accrued experience of Compost Or Company, along with the ability to carry out work in complex areas and proximity to the site, aas well as the preparations and the precise execution have brought the project to a rapid conclusion and without incidents.

The soil, contaminated by diesel fuel transported to the site, was incorporated according to the company’s procedures and various operations were carried out for the purpose of reducing pollution values to the level of recovery.

The company continues to intake of soil and it is expanding its working relationships with consulting firms, infrastructure companies, institutional and government companies.


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